The Girls

Tawny and Robyn, the founders of Two Girls and a Mule, are sisters. They often refer to themselves as the city mouse and the country mouse. Robyn, the boss lady, lives in northern California with a band of outlaw chickens, a rotating cast of cats, a pair of rescued mustangs, a donkey and a mule. She is a landscape architect specializing in beautiful drought tolerant, environmentally responsible gardens.

Tawny, the creative director, is a former designer of menswear and teacher of fashion history and design at a southern California university. She researches and writes about sixteenth century northern Italian women’s dress and is pretty sure that horses are just big dogs who happen to like carrots.

The Mule

Lana is Robyn’s main mount and partner-in-crime. She is known far and wide as “that sweet mule”. Although she is not the leader of her herd, she is easily its smartest member. Her sweet heart and steadfast nature stand behind every shirt we make.


The Shirt

Robyn really is the brains behind our shirt. For years she has worn a sleeveless Western-style shirt in the summer. Over time, though, that American classic has lost ground—poorer quality fabric, less refined fit, and a general erosion of style. One day she had had enough. Deciding to take matters into her own hands, she roped Tawny into dusting off her design skills and the two set out to bring that shirt back to life.

The Two Girls and a Mule retro-flavored shirt is the result of that collaboration. It is made in America of the finest Japanese cotton with a streamlined fit. No more “puffiness” around the waist or gapping at the underarm, our shirt is cut long enough to stay tucked in neatly while on horseback. Today, with the help of a fabulous pattern maker, an amazing fit model, an entrepreneurial genius, and a cast of thousands—okay, maybe not thousands, but a lot of generous help—we offer the modern cowgirl a shirt she can be proud to wear—whether channeling her inner Dale Evans on the ranch or heading into town.