A Shirt Tale

It has been said that sportswear is the only true American fashion. Its origins date to the early twentieth century and today American sportswear influences fashion all over the globe. Within that realm, the American West holds a special place of fascination. For decades, Western wear was utilitarian—although not without its own flair. With the popularity of “cowboy” shows on television and “westerns” at the movies in the mid-twentieth century, elements of Western wear crept into everyday dress.  The Two Girls and a Mule shirt celebrates that American heritage. 

Image credit: Life magazine, 1955

These Two Girls are proud to have revived and updated a hard-working-but-stylish 1950s sleeveless classic: a once-timeless shirt that had sadly eroded over time—insulted by poor fit, poor construction and poor quality fabric. We’ve reclaimed that shirt’s flattering fit with attention to construction details which focus on a woman’s body. (Check out our size chart.) We’ve included touches like a crisp two-part collar which allows you to “pop” it with style, selected beautiful pearlized snaps to complement each print, slipped in a few surprises like contrasting binding at the armscye, all securely stitched in beautiful Japanese cotton fabric. 

Today with the help of a fabulous pattern maker, an amazing fit model, an entrepreneurial genius, and a cast of thousands—okay, maybe not thousands, but a lot of generous help—we are pleased to offer the modern cowgirl an heirloom quality shirt she can be proud to wear—whether channeling her inner Dale Evans on the ranch or heading into town.

Image Credit: Life magazine, 1955